Sunday, February 18, 2024

Zeros To Heroes 2023 Results

The NFL 2023 season is now in the rear-view.

To put a final punctuation point on '23, I should update you on how the 'Zeros to Heroes' betting strategy worked last year.

If you are unaware of this strategy, it works like this:

I like to bet on teams winning their division of they have done two things. They are:

1. Finished last in their division in the previous season
2. Hired a new head coach ahead of the upcoming season

Using those two prerequisites, three teams were eligible to bet on last year. They were the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals and Houston Texans.

I had a winner in the Houston Texans. They finished first in the AFC South  at odds of 15/2. 

Denver (AFC West) and Arizona (NFC West) finished third and fourth in their respective divisions.

As you'll see in THIS POST from last year, I had laid out a total sum of £15 on those three teams. Houston's win brought me back a total profit of £2.

A win is a win.

I'll return with a Zeros to Heroes post when it's closer to the 2024 regular season. There will be a lot more teams this time around.

As of right now, I count at least five teams that qualify.

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