Sunday, May 14, 2023

Zeros To Heroes 2023

With the National Football League releasing its schedules for the 2023 regular season this week, I believe it's an appropriate time to get my annual Zeros to Heroes bet ready.

For those first coming across my blog - here's how Zeros to Heroes works.

I place division winner bets on the teams that have two thing working for (or against?!) them heading into the upcoming season.

First, the team has to have finished bottom of their respective division. The second prerequisite is the basement dwelling team from the previous season must have brought in a new head coach.

So, to put it bluntly - I am gambling on a team having a complete turnaround after a disastrous season.

In 2023, there are three teams that qualify.

First, the Denver Broncos are 11/2 to take the AFC West crown after bringing in Sean Payton during the off-season. I had placed a bet on the Broncos in 2022 and was somewhat confident - despite there being strong competition in the division (Chiefs and Chargers!) - I bought stock in Russell Wilson being the big signing who would save the day. That turned out to be a mess up because the Broncos finished 5-12 and the Chiefs went on to win the big one in February.

Another AFC team, in the form of the AFC South's Houston Texans, qualify per the two requirements. After going 3-13-1 in 2022, the team owners fired Lovie Smith and signed DeMeco Ryans to a six-year deal.

The only NFC team on the list are the Arizona Cardinals. They are 25/1 to win the West division in that conference.  Kliff Kingsbury was given his marching orders following a dismal 4-13 season, Replacing him will be Jonathan Gannon.

Zeros to Heroes 2023

As you can see above, I've placed all three teams in a patent bet with my stakes at £2 a line. I have  also gambled an extra £1 on the Broncos just in case.

The reason for the extra £1 single is because if, and it's a big IF, that one selection were to win in the patent, the returns would mean I would take a £1 loss because of the 11/2 odds. Punting an extra £1 wager on Denver means I have gambled £15 overall and would get a £19.50 return (+4.50) should the Broncos finish the '23 season at the peak of the AFC West.

If the Texans or Cardinals win (once again these ifs are big), then I would profit so it isn't necessary to punt any additional monies on those two. 

With all that said, all three teams need miracles to win their respective divisions. I always go into the Zeros to Heroes gambles as what they are... gambles!

This post will serve as the main Zeros to Heroes post for 2023. I will direct/link to it ahead of the 2023 season and will then publish a post-mortem once the season has concluded.

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