Monday, April 11, 2011

Scott Hall's Weekend

A number of disturbing videos of Scott Hall's appearance at a Top Rope Promotions event in Fall River, MA surfaced on the Internet this weekend and it was a sad sight to see.

Hall was evidently in no condition to perform and made his way to the ring being held up by two aides.

It didn't end there.

Judging by the two videos I've seen - he took a while to get into the ring, he was being held up by the two men throughout the angle, he pulled the slowest looking roundhouse punch ever, cut a promo on the English even though he was in a New England state, and - to top it all off - he was escorted from the ring by police after he refused to exit by his own means.

This is Scott Hall 2011.

And I don't know what can be done to help him.

On one hand, I think it will help to stay away from wrestling.

He's been battling these demons for many years and has been in and out of rehabilitation facilities and he seems to have good and bad days. I guess that's what it is like for an addict. I just feel that wrestling is a bad mixture for someone in Hall's position.

The temptation will always be there.

Scott Hall is a legend. You cannot deny that. It's a terrible shame that his life is spiralling out of control before our very eyes. Hell, he's dying before us. Slowly.

I hope he gets help.

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