Monday, February 19, 2024

So, I've Cancelled Disney+ And Here's Why

I've cancelled my subscription to Disney Plus.

The company emailed me yesterday evening to state that - when my annual sub renews next month - it'll be at a price of £109.90.

To paint how absurd this cost is, look at how much I have paid each year since its UK launch in 2020.

Disney Plus Subs

It started off at a welcome price of £49.99. In 2021, I paid the general price of £59.99 and - for the past two years - I've given them £79.90 each term.

Now the company wants me to pay £30 more than I did last year?

I'll sign up for the new Star Wars programmes, but I'll do so for a month or so at a time. There is no way I am paying for something over double what I got it for four years ago.

Mickey Mouse is having a laugh. 

At my expense.

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