Monday, June 20, 2022

Paramount+ Is Almost Here

Paramount's streaming service - Paramount+ - launches over here in the UK on Wednesday.

Paramount+ UK and Ireland Launch 2022

I had no interest in it. That was until I found out that Ray Donovan: The Movie might be available to stream on it.

As I wrote in March, I was unaware that a TV movie was made to tie up the loose ends that were left when the series was cancelled a few years ago.

The film came out on Showtime in the US on January 14th of this year. I found out about it more than a couple of months later.

If I know for sure that the movie is on there from day one, I will sign up for the free trial and quit before the subscription kicks in.

I have annual subscriptions to the services provided by Amazon and Disney and pop in and out with the content on Netflix, so I am content not to pick up another service.

For now.

The reason why I went down the 'For Now' route is because I read that there's a series starring Sylvester Stallone coming to Paramount+ at the end of this year.

I might dip in just for that.

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