Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Live Raw

I ended up watching the first hour of Monday Night Raw live this morning. I didn't plan to. I woke up and saw that I had a message from somebody telling me that there was going to be announcement that Rhea Ripley was out of her WWE Raw Women's Championship challenge against Bianca Belair at WWE Money in the Bank and that a new contender was to be set up.

I really dislike watching the programme live. The commercials irk me. It's so much easier to have the remote control in hand on a Tuesday morning - or Saturday morning, if we're talking Smackdown - and being able to fast forward through.

Carmella won the number one contender match and she'll now meet Belair in over week from now.

Also on the bit I caught last night, Vince McMahon once again came down to address the audience. This time, he said that John Cena was coming back next week (we already knew this) and then left. 

McMahon coming down every episode - so far -since he was relieved of his duties as CEO, is a game, in my opinion. It's an attempt to let the board of directors - who are looking into allegations - will see how much the audience wants him around.

On Friday, when he first did it, I had a feeling that - MAYBE - it was his way of saying goodbye. After last night, I am convinced it's to send a message to the people near the top of the WWE totem pole.

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