Sunday, June 19, 2022

Lindy's 2022

The American football season is just around the corner.

The first sign landed on my doormat yesterday morning when Lindy's Pro Football 2022 Season Preview came in the post.

Lindy's 2022 NFL Season Preview

I received the Los Angeles cover. I suppose the newsagents here in the UK will all have this edition because the Rams are the current Super Bowl Champions.

Each time I buy Lindy's, I think back to the very first time I bought one. 

I was in a newsagent in the middle of nowhere, west Wales during the summer of 1995. I looked for something to read on the coach back home and Lindy's stood out. 

There was a many-year gap between my first and next purchase. However, I have tried to buy it each season for at least the last fifteen years or so. 

I guess I am loyal to the title simply because it was the first publication I ever bought. They're certainly one of my favourite aids to building up anticipation for upcoming seasons.

As of the time of this post, there are eighty-one days 'til kick off. It's coming.

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