Saturday, January 27, 2024

A Coaching Carousel Betting Calamity

In a post published on Thursday, I mentioned I had a wager on Bill Belichick becoming the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

I also wrote, in the very same entry, that I felt the longer Belichick was not announced as being the new coach, the bet was looking flimsy.

Mike Vrabel was the person I thought would ruin the bet. 

Well, the bet was ruined. However, it wasn't Vrabel instead of Belichick.

Enter Raheem Morris.

Raheem Morris To Atlanta

The most ironic part of the Belichick bet is I had small gambles on Morris taking on a head coaching role at either Seattle or Washington. I did not have a punt on him doing so in Atlanta because - at the time I wagered - I was locked into Belichick being the Falcons' eventual choice.

That wasn't the first time I lost a bet thanks to Belichick. I cannot say for sure if it's the last. That will depend on him picking up a job somewhere.

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