Friday, January 26, 2024

The McMahon Story

It's the Royal Rumble tomorrow night, but World Wrestling Entertainment has a lot more to deal with right now.

In breaking news yesterday, a lawsuit was filed against Vince McMahon. It accuses the chairman of abusing and sexually exploiting a WWE employee.

It's the same person who signed an NDA, but the story broke in 2022 resulting in McMahon standing down before resuming his position early last year.

Since then, WWE merged with the Ultimate Fighting Championship under the new brand named TKO Holdings.

The lawsuit now names the person officially. 

I have not read everything. But, what I have looked at, is very sick and disturbing.

McMahon's people claim he will 'vigourously defend himself' against the allegations. But, in the back of my mind, I wonder why he didn't defend himself against such allegations initially? Instead, he paid the person off (but didn't follow through with all payments, according to a report I read) and got her to sign the NDA.

She isn't the only person who has been paid off in NDAs as well. 

I don't think McMahon will get away with this controversy. 

The timing is interesting as well. 

Earlier this week, Dwayne Johnson was revealed as one of the latest additions to the TKO board of directors. 

I bet Johnson's people are quivering. Had the lawsuit been filed  a week ago, I highly doubt The Rock would have joined Team TKO.

Selfishly, I also wonder whether The Rock will now involve himself with WrestleMania 40 because this story isn't going away and the Road to WrestleMania begins tomorrow.

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