Thursday, January 25, 2024

Betting On The Coaching Carousel (And I Want To Get Off)

I have a bet on Bill Belichick to become the Atlanta Falcons' next head coach.

And, as each day passes, I think my bet will turn out a losing one.

The former New England Patriots HC has met with the Falcons twice since departing his previous post. Other names have also interviewed for the gig. One which stood out is Mike Vrabel.

Vrabel, who left the Titans a few weeks back, makes sense to me. More than Belichick. As crazy as that may come across.

Jim Harbaugh was due to have a second meeting with the Falcons staff as well. However, he has now landed back in California and will coach the Los Angeles Chargers.

My fingers are crossed for my bet, but - you watch - Mike Vrabel will be the man they reveal as the next Falcons head coach.

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