Sunday, January 28, 2024

The Super Bowl I'd Like To See (2023 Season Edition)

With it being the NFL Conference games tonight, it's high time for me to publish the annual 'The Super Bowl I'd Like To See' blog entry for the 2023 NFL Season.

As usual, I rank the potential Super Bowl fixtures in the order I'd like to see them and then share a reason why - or why not! - they are in the position they're in on my ranking.

So, starting with the match I'd like to see least, we have:

4) Kansas City Chiefs .vs. San Francisco 49ers
I'm tired of the Chiefs. I'm tired of Taylor Swift. Let's send both entities out of there.
As for the 49ers - they're caught up in the crossfire between my angst against the Chiefs. 

Or are they?

3) Baltimore Ravens .vs. San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers appear ahead of Kansas City in third place on this list for one simple reason: Baltimore .vs. San Francisco is a Super Bowl match-up I have already seen recently (we've already seen KC .vs. SF even more recent!).
Well, give or take 12 years or so. 
On that night, in 2013, the Ravens overcame the 49ers in the head coaching battle between the Harbaugh Brothers.

2) Kansas City .vs. Detroit Lions
We haven't seen the Detroit Lions win in the playoffs since the 1991 season, so - of course I am going to root for them to make it through to the Super Bowl.
Oh, and while I'm talking of the Lions and the post-season - they have ZERO Super Bowl appearances. I hope it's their time.

1) Baltimore Ravens .vs. Detroit Lions
I love the idea of either Lamar Jackson or Jared Goff winning the Super Bowl. More the latter because of how he was forced away from the Rams to join Detroit and then eventually saw his former team win a Super Bowl two years ago. 

So, going by that ranking, you can tell I am Detroit all the way. 

I hope we get the game I want.

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