Tuesday, November 07, 2023


I'm in for another anxious game of Monday Night Football tonight (or tomorrow when I watch it on delay, that is!).

That's because I have to hope the Los Angeles Chargers' wide receiver - Keenan Allen - scores no more than 16.35 fantasy points against the New York Jets.

My team has picked up 124.22 points from all of the fielded players in week nine. This week's opponent has Allen still to play and is currently on 107.86 points.

NFL Week 9 2023

If I recall correctly, the person I am up against won the league last year. 

He beat me in the final, so I am in the revenge spot here.

With that fun rivalry aside - should I be fortunate to win this weekend's game, I'll end up going 5-4 for the year. It'll be the first time I have a winning record in the 2023 season.

Win or lose, I have already achieved my season goal of doing better than the NFL Fantasy Draft computer. It predicted I'd only win two games.

I've already doubled that estimate.

Keenan Allen picked up 15.10 points in the game. It obviously wasn't enough for my opponent, who closed out the week with an overall score of 123.56. 

I won by a whisker.

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