Tuesday, September 05, 2023

NFL Fantasy Draft Result 2023

As I mentioned over the weekend, it was the NFL fantasy draft of the league I am a member of on Sunday evening.

Here are all of the players I picked up. I'll follow that with what the NFL Fantasy computer graded me.

NFL Fantasy Draft 2023

So, after making those picks, I waited for the email from the NFL with its grading of my draft as well as its projections for the upcoming season.

The email arrived within an hour of the draft ending.

It ranked my draft a C+ more or less pointing out I had a good early part to the draft, but - by the latter stages - I picked poorly because I chose 'a threesome of running backs with plenty of room to grow.'

As for its guess as to how I'll fare against the other players in the league - well, it believes I'll finish with a 2-13 record.

Only two wins?! 

I have two words.

Challenge accepted.

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