Friday, September 29, 2023

Neighbours 3.0: 2 Weeks In

Ever since Neighbours returned last week, I have found it difficult - on most, but not all, days - to remember to watch the episode each morning.

Neighbours' 2023 Return

I didn't have that trouble today. I woke up and thought to myself 'time to watch Neighbours'. However, there was one thing I didn't factor into my quest to be ahead of today's curve.

It's Friday. Neighbours is only available on Mondays to Thursdays.

I am sure I'll find myself fitting into a routine eventually. Like I said, it's the first fortnight. I'll adapt.

When I last wrote about the show, I said that it was a case of 'so far, so good' after episode one of the relaunch. To be fair, I am still of this opinion.

Here are some thoughts after watching the first two weeks.

  • The new Nell Rebecchi is a huge upgrade from the first. I dislike having to write that because the original Nell had been in the soap since she was a baby. With that said, I cannot imagine her being able to pull off the scenes the current Nell has performed
  • I don't know if it's a case of me being more focused on these new episodes, but I have noticed some continuity errors along the way. In one scene, there was a painting on a bedroom wall of Terese's home. In the preceding scene, that very same painting was carried from Toadfish's old home to his new place
  • It's good to see Guy Pearce back as Mike Young even if it is going to be short-lived. However - in a scene filmed yesterday - Jane and Mike mentioned Cardiff. Jane said something about 'Cardiff Castle car park'. The castle does not have a car park!
  • I have to see some more of Mischa Barton's work because - as it pertains her performances on Neighbours - I am not blown away. 
  • Ian Smith being back as Harold Bishop is my next best favourite think next to Guy Pearce popping back in. However, just like with Mike Young, I don't expect Harold to be in for the long haul

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