Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Arrest

As a 2Pac fan, there is obviously one thing I have to write about today.

Yesterday, it was announced that Las Vegas authorities had arrested Duane Keith 'Keffe D' Davis in relation to the murder of Tupac in 1996.

I found it surprising to see the news because I have always been of the opinion that Orlando Anderson - Davis' nephew - was the prime suspect in the case.

Anderson was killed a year or so after Shakur, so I did not expect an arrest to ever be made.

Davis was in the car that shot at Pac's entourage. He hasn't shied away from that fact. He has written a book and appeared on many documentaries about the death.

If the book and interviews weren't enough evidence, what have they got on him now?

This is something I'll be watching intently.

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