Monday, September 18, 2023

Thoughts After Watching The Neighbours Return

One of the first things I did this morning was check to see whether Amazon had uploaded the first episode of the 2023 season of Neighbours.

My search turned out to be a success. I watched it immediately.

I have a lot of early impressions about the relaunch.

The first episode does a lot of explaining. 

With the series picking up two years after what was believed to be the final episode, we are subtly told about certain characters having moved on from Ramsay Street.

And then we were reintroduced to some characters that have found their way back to Erinsborough. For example, Karl Kennedy's love child - Holly, who has managed to nab a job on the front desk of Lassiters. 

The most notable returnees, for the big story in the episode, were Imogen Willis and Daniel Robinson. The former is Terese Willis' daughter and the latter is Paul Robinson's nephew (Charlene and Scott's son).

With those two there, it teased that that the wedding set for the close of the show was to see Terese and Paul renew their vows. After all, in the 'final' episode, we saw Paul and Terese get back together.

I tricked myself into thinking it would be Paul and Terese marrying. Even though I had seen Paul look over at Terese at the Lassiters Complex ahead of the wedding and thought to myself 'isn't that meant to be bad luck?'

Terese did get married. However, the big reveal was to... Toadfish Rebecchi, who had married Melanie in what was believed to be the final episode last year!

Hats off to the writers for pulling off that shocking conclusion to the returning episode. I did not see that pairing coming.

Neighbours on Amazon

My official opinion of episode one of the Neighbours renaissance goes like this: so far, so good.

It'll take some getting used to having to watch the programme on a streaming platform. However, this does mean I'll be able to watch each episode at my own convenience (likely at breakfast). 

What I will take into account is the fact that Amazon's commitment is only two years. After that, we could really be waving off Neighbours for good. And then it'll be a case of asking - was bringing it back necessary after such a great final week in 2022?

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