Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Oliver Queen's Return

My love-hate relationship with The Flash TV series has sided more with the latter in recent years. However, I came away from last night's episode with nothing but the former.

With the series running (get it?) its last season, I was unsure whether to quit. I decided to stick around because of all the time I have invested in it since it's premiere. Hanging in there was the right call.


Well, look who came back in the episode from last night.

Stephen Amell on The Flash

They brought back Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen (The Green Arrow) for last night's storyline.

As I have written many times on this very blog over the years, Arrow was my favourite TV series based on comic books. My interest in the titles of the Arrowverse certainly waned since I watched the final episodes of Arrow in 2020.

Arrow's final season concluded right when the pandemic was about to devastate our shores. Those three years feel like an entire generation ago. 

Stephen Amell on The Flash

It was so cool to see the character return albeit for one final bow (I meant bow as in the gesture not the weapon). He wasn't alone. Also returning for the episode was Wally West and John Diggle. The latter being Oliver Queen's righthand man.

Stephen Amell on The Flash

So, yeah - I have been hate-watching The Flash for quite some time. Last night made it all worth it.

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