Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Guy Pearce Returns To Neighbours (Again)

A couple of months ago, when Annie Jones was announced as one of the regular Neighbours stars to return for the show's reprise later this year, I pointed out that there would be a huge elephant in the room.

When we thought the series was ending, we witnessed the return of Guy Pearce as Mike Young. His short couple of days stint saw Mike rekindle his love for Jones' character of Jane Harris. 

I wrote, after watching those episodes, that Pearce's return - along with the Mike and Jane reunion - was the best part of - what we thought was - the conclusion to the soap opera.

Seeing Jones listed as a returnee made me hope the scriptwriters had thought of a satisfying way to explain why Mike wasn't back. After all, Guy Pearce is now BIGGER than the soap he left in 1989. In my mind, there was no way they would be able to bring him back for a second time.

I was wrong.

Guy Pearce Returning, Once Again, To Neighbours

One of the first tweets I read yesterday morning was from Neighbours' official account. It announced that Guy Pearce will be back for the new episodes that are set to air on Amazon Freevee later this year.

It's safe to surmise that Pearce won't be a regular and he's more than likely going to be there to build to Mike's departure. 

Still - it's really cool of Pearce to do this for the production, friends, colleagues and.. Mike Young.

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