Thursday, March 09, 2023

Neighbours Comebacks Announced

Last week, it was announced that some more actors are returning to their roles on Neighbours when the soap opera returns to screens later this year.

Neighbours Returns

Four of the seven names revealed last week will come back as regulars. They are Tim Kano (Leo Tanaka), Georgie Stone (Mackenzie Hargreaves), Rebekah Elmaloglu (Terese Willis) and Annie Jones (Janie Harris).

As soon as I saw Annie Jones in the picture in the article, I immediately thought 'well, they had better have a good reason why Mike isn't coming back!' 

The reason why I said that is because the final episodes saw Jane rekindle her love with Mike Young - played by Guy Pearce - and, as I stated way back when those episodes aired, Pearce - along with Jones - were the stars of what was then one of the last storylines in the show's history.

I obviously don't want to see anyone out of work, so I am happy to see Annie Jones return. I simply don't want to get to the point where something I really enjoyed about 2022 Neighbours becomes obsolete.

We had already seen Jane renew relations with Des Clarke for one of Neighbours' anniversary specials only for their marriage to end.

So, you can see why I am concerned that Mike and Jane won't get their happily ever after.

Other stars returning, but in guest capacities, are: April Rose Pengilly (Chloe Brennan), Melissa Bell (Lucy Robinson) and my Neighbours GOAT - Ian Smith (Harold Bishop).

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