Wednesday, May 24, 2023

I've Watched Creed III

Creed III came out on Blu-ray yesterday. 

I obviously bought a copy to add to my collection of Rocky and Creed films.

The film wasn't too bad, to be fair. 

In this one, Adonis Creed is in his early stages of retirement when an old friend from his childhood shows up after spending eighteen years in prison. 

Creed III Blu-ray

The friend wants to live out his dream of being a World Champion boxer but age - and experience - is certainly not in his favour.

To cut a long story short, Creed's friend - Dame Anderson - sneaks his way into getting a title shot, wins the strap, and it is revealed to Creed that he had been set up by his friend to get the title challenge.

This results in Adonis Creed coming out of retirement to take on his former friend.

Its narrative is more Rocky V (in a very, very slight way) than Shakespeare, but that's what you get with films in this universe. Especially the later ones.

Speaking of Rocky Balboa - I missed his presence. It would have been nice to have had Sylvester Stallone brought in as the ex-boxer even if it were for a few moments. 

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