Friday, May 12, 2023

Browsing The 2023 NFL Schedule

The NFL released its schedule for the 2023 last night.

What I usually do is wake up the following morning and immediately visit the league's website to see what the key things are.

Here's how my checklist went. 

The Season Opener
The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Detroit Lions in the season opener. The Lions had a decent year in 2022, so I look forward to see if they build on that or become, well, the regular Lions.

1st SNF and MNF Games
The first Sunday Night Football game of 2023 will see the Dallas Cowboys travel East to take on their division rivals - the New York Giants.
The other 'New York' teams will play each other on the initial Monday Night Football game of the season when the Buffalo Bills take on Aaron Rodgers and his new team - the New York Jets.

I always like buying a pizza (or other delivered foods on some occasions) for the Thanksgiving triple-header.
In 2023, we're getting Green Bay @ Detroit, Washington @ Dallas and San Francisco @ Seattle.

Black Friday!
The first ever game to be played on a Black Friday will take place in 2023. The Miami Dolphins will visit the Jets for it.

There are some Christmas games on the slate. Here's what I'll be watching on Christmas evening:

Las Vegas @ Kansas City (6PM UK)
NY Giants @ Philadelphia (9:30PM UK)
Baltimore @ San Francisco (1:15AM UK - Boxing Day)

The Colts' Schedule
I wrote about the European games a couple of days ago and noted that the Indianapolis Colts will play against the New England Patriots in Germany on November 12th. That seems to be the only high profile game the Colts will play this year because, as far as I can see, they are not playing on Thursday, Sunday or Monday Night primetime games in '23. That's what a 4-12-1 season gets you the following year, I suppose.
That's good for me, though. It means I could get to watch every single Colts game live this season. Bonus!

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