Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The 2023 NFL European Games Are Confirmed

The NFL has just revealed the fixtures that will take place in London and Frankfurt later this year.

There is one game that stood out the most to me because it includes my favourites taking on the team I love to hate.

On November 12th, the Indianapolis Colts will take on the New England Patriots. 

What a feast for the German fans - or those travelling the country -  to witness such a rivalry game.

I'm stunned that they took that game outside of the US.

The odds of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady (in that order!) doing PR for their former teams has got to be high for this one, I am sure.

The other game set for Germany will see the Miami Dolphins take on the current World Champions - the Kansas City Chiefs. That meeting is set for November 5th.

Over in London, the Wembley game - on October 1st - will see the Jacksonville Jaguars host the Atlanta Falcons. The Jags will then, I surmise, remain in London to take on Bills at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium a week later.

The final London fixture for the season sees Tottenham's ground hold a clash between the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans on October 15th.

That'll be three weeks of the NFL in Britain in October followed by a fortnight in Germany in November.

The full NFL schedule for 2023 will be announced tomorrow night.

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