Sunday, February 05, 2023

Rating Drink Powders 13

If you read this post I published in late-January, you would have been aware that I've stocked up on more drink mixes to do my Rating Drinks Powders series.

For the past (close to) two years, I've been gifted - and purchased - drink powders from the United States. These mixes are poured into bottles of water to create a flavoured water. I've dedicated twelve posts to sampling everything I have tried. What you're reading today is the thirteenth edition.

In today's installment, I try two flavours from brands I've tried in previous posts. I also taste two flavours from a sweet (candy) brand from my childhood.

Rating Drink Powders XIII - February 2023

Nerds Grape
It seems I am going on trips back to 1986 lately. First, I've been getting daily doses of Garbage Pail Kids with a page-a-day calendar I had for Christmas. Now, I get to try drinks branded by a company I used to eat sweets of.

The grape flavoured Nerds powder, as is often the case whenever I have this flavour, brings back memories from my childhood when I would receive grape candy from my American relatives. For some reason, British sweets never opted for grape back then. I don't believe they do to this very day. 

Even though the smell is good, it's the taste which is the most important.

Unfortunately, the drink was not strong enough. Even though it does quench my thirst, it is far too weak.

In August last year, I gave a Kool-Aid grape powder one star. I think they taste alike, so I'll be consistent with my grading.

Rating: *

Crush Cherry
Cherry drinks and sweets, especially from the USA, also reminds me of my American relatives. Once again, I found myself recalling Cherry Kool-Aid as I took a whiff of the cherry Crush.

This drink was strong. Unfortunately, it was a far too strong. 

Ironically, I had the orange flavoured Crush drink when I did the first ever Rating Drink Powders post in May of 2021. I thought it wasn't strong enough. Look what happens when you want a drink powder to be stronger!

Rating: *

Welch's Strawberry Peach
I tried Welch's grape drink mix in the Fifth Rating Drinks Powders post on October 2nd 2021 and gave it two stars. I found it disappointing because I liked the regular Welch's grape drinks.

I'm unsure if Welch's have a strawberry peach juice. If they do, I haven't tried it. Therefore, I had no expectations going in.

Just like with the grape drink, I found Welch's Strawberry Peach to be watery upon taking my first sip. However, there is a strong peach aftertaste which is quite nice. 

After a few more gulps, I found a strawberry taste, but that was quickly overcome by the peach sensation. 

A fun drink because of the combination of flavours. It is better than Welch's grape mix, so it gets half-a-star higher than that.

Rating: ** 1/2

Nerds Strawberry
I didn't think I would like Nerds Strawberry because I find that strawberry drinks are hit-or-miss with me.

This wasn't a miss. It wasn't a complete hit, but it hit the spot. It was a nice refreshing drink that was better than the other three mixes I have tasted for this edition.

Rating: ***

I drank these mixes in the order as they appeared in the picture I took when they were delivered to me. It turned out I had them in the correct order with the two powders I liked the least starting out in first and second place. They were followed by a potential winner in the Welch's powder but Nerds Strawberry pipped it at the post.

I am quite excited at what I'll be tasting in the next edition of Rating Drink Powders. Expect that post to be published in March.

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