Saturday, August 20, 2022

Rating Drink Powders X: A Kool-Aid Battle

I recently came across a couple of drink powders I haven't tried before, so thought I'd do a head-to-head for today's post.

Both are varieties of Kool-Aid. The first is branded as a 'retro' flavour called 'Purplesaurus Rex' while the other is grape. 

My favourite proper Kool-Aid flavour is Tropical Punch followed by grape, so this might be an interesting battle considering both of the drinks I'm going to sample today are in the purple-colour family.

Kool-Aid Flavours

Kool-Aid Retro: Purplesaurus Rex
While pouring the powder into the bottle of water, I caught a whiff. It reminded me of something. I just couldn't place it. I soon realised that the smell was reminiscent of... paint stripper!

The good news - I did not get any hint of paint stripper when I took a few sips. The bad - it didn't have much of a flavour.

I surmise this drink is meant to be a 'punch' full of purply fruit flavours. It tastes, and looks, like purple water.

Not strong enough for my liking.

Rating: *

Kool-Aid Grape
As I mentioned earlier in the post, grape is one of my favourite Kool-Aid flavours. However, this is the first time I've gone for it in drink powder to bottle form.

Just like with the Purplesarus Rex brand, this was more watery than flavourful. 

It smelled of grape, and not paint stripper, when I pulled off the top of the sachet. I suppose that's a plus. Barely.

Rating: *

I'm somewhat disappointed with both drinks.

I hate to do this, but I have to call this match-up a tie. Both receive a star apiece. They're lucky I didn't score lower!

Don't forget - there is going to be a 'Rating Drink Powders' spinoff in the near future...

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