Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Zeros To Heroes 2022: The Results

The following post was initially scheduled for 10 January '23, but was delayed due to the news of Gareth Bale's retirement

The Jacksonville Jaguars went from zeros to heroes in the 2022 NFL season.

The Floridian outfit was one of three teams that I pinpointed in my annual 'Zeros to Heroes' betting strategy which calls for division winner bets on teams that closed the previous season at the basements of their respective divisions and then went on to bring in a new head coach.

Post-2021, the qualifying teams - per the two rules - were Denver, the New York Giants and the Jags.

Denver, who brought in Nathaniel Hackett as head coach following the 2021 season, finished the 2022 season once again at the bottom of the AFC West.

And not only that - the Broncos management ended up firing Hackett, mid-season. Therefore, the Broncos will qualify for the 2023 edition of Zeros to Heroes.

The Giants brought in Brian Daboll in the days following the 2021 regular season. His appointment had a positive affect on the team. They closed 2022 with a win-loss record of 12-5 in the NFC East division. However, they finished in second place behind the NFC's best team of the season - the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Jaguars secured the AFC South on Saturday night when they won what turned out to be a division decider against the Tennessee Titans.

On July 17th, I wrote the Zeros to Heroes post for 2022 and shared the bets I had placed on the three teams to win their respective divisions.

I placed three £2.50 singles on the teams (Denver 5/2, Jacksonville 7/1, NY Giants 8/1) and also put all three in a £4 patent spending a total of £11.00 across all bets.

Zeros to Heroes 2022 NFL Division Betting

Jacksonville's win saw a return of £20 in the single wager and £4 in the patent.

Now all roads lead to preparation for the 2023 edition of Zeros to Heroes. I've already pointed out that Denver will once again be a qualifying team.

Another team that will be on the 2023 list - as of the time of writing - will be the Houston Texans, who fired Lovie Smith on Sunday evening. 

Add Arizona to the list. Its owners fired Kliff Kingsbury as I was in the middle of writing this post.

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