Sunday, July 17, 2022

Zeros To Heroes 2022

In yesterday's post, I reintroduced the Zeros to Heroes NFL betting idea I like to write about ahead of an upcoming season.

What I do in these bets is take a look at the finishing order of each division from the previous season and then pick out the teams that (1) finished fourth and (2) hired a new head coach in the off-season.

I then gamble on those teams to win their division in the following year.

My idea has not performed well in recent years, but I have continued to place these small wagers as something to root for as the season is in progress.

I have taken a look at the 2021 results and pinpointed three of the eight teams which finished at the bottom of their leagues with new head coaches. They are:

New York Giants
The Giants are 8/1 to finish atop the NFC East with their new head coach - Brian Daboll.

Denver Broncos
The Broncos have brought in Nathaniel Hackett following the dismissal of Vic Fangio. Not only that, they have also signed Russell Wilson as quarterback. They're 5/2 to be division champs.

Jacksonville Jaguars
The Urban Meyer experiment turned out to be a costly one for the Jaguars. After firing Meyer, the Jags now have Doug Pederson in charge. An AFC South division win will pay out at odds of 7/1

My Bets
I've gambled on each team individually and have also included all three in a patent.

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