Wednesday, October 19, 2022

I Try A McDonald's McCrispy

McDonald's introduced some new items to its menu today, so I thought I would buy one for lunch.

According some news websites I came across recently, the McCrispy burger is going to be a permanent fixture on McDonald's menu. I chose that one to try.

McDonald's McCrispy

The burger is made up of a crispy chicken patty, lettuce and black pepper mayo inside a sourdough bun with sesame seeds.

The image immediately below is what I was greeted with when I opened the box.

McDonald's McCrispy

To be fair, it looked very nice when I lifted the lid and saw the entire thing when I put it on a plate to take a picture for this post.

McDonald's McCrispy

Unfortunately, I didn't like it as much as I had hoped.

I wasn't keen on the black pepper mayonnaise. It made the burger a bit too peppery for my tastebuds. I hadn't read about the ingredients going in. With that said, I would have still given it a go.

Everything else was nice. Especially the bun. I wouldn't mind having a hamburger inside one of those.

This is one of those burgers I am glad I've tried. However, it's one I am almost sure I won't have again.

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