Friday, June 12, 2020

Selling Turnips: Week 8

I had an unsuccessful experience selling turnips on Animal Crossing this week. 

As noted earlier this week, I bought one thousand turnips from Daisy Mae on Sunday. They were priced 105 Bells, so I had to try and offload them to Timmy and Tommy for profit by Saturday.

Just like I've been doing each week, I have been using a turnip projector to work out when the best time to sell would be.

Here's how the offers came in.

Monday AM: 90 Bells
Monday PM: 85 Bells
Tuesday AM: 80 Bells
Tuesday PM: 75 Bells

Notice how it was decreasing by five every time I checked in? Well, it was on track to get worse as the projector gave it 80% that the decrease would continue. It gave a large spike an 11.4% chance.

It meant one thing.

Selling Turnips

It was time to sell. This time at a loss.

I headed back to the house, picked up the one thousand turnips, ran back to Nook's Cranny and sold the vegetables 

Selling Turnips

This turned out to be a 30,000 loss for the week. I think this might have been the first week I've been in the red. If not, it is - at most - the second time.

I must do better next time.

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