Thursday, June 11, 2020

Crappy Drawings: So... Shoe Distancing

I saw something zany in the newspaper over the weekend.

A shoemaker from Transylvania has created a pair of size seventy-five shoes because, and I quote, 'after seeing people struggle to follow social distancing measures'.

The Sun Social Distancing Shoes Article

It's a bit of a wacky idea, if I say so myself, but one thing worth noting is clowns have evidently been keeping to social distancing regulations long before Covid-19 came along and screwed us all up.

Or have they?

You see - I have a bit of a problem with this idea. 

It's all well and good having these long shoes to keep apart from the person in front of you, but what about those that are beside you?

This conundrum needs a crappy drawing to explain. 

Social Distancing Shoes
It's all well and good having the long shoes to keep people at a distance. BUT.. you also need an extra part on each shoe to ensure the distance is kept from the other angles as well!

Hold up..

When I wrote 'other angles', it dawned on me that my crappy drawing didn't cover the possibility that a person could be walking behind with regular shoes. Therefore, THIS is the way it should be done.

Social Distancing Shoes

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