Saturday, June 13, 2020

Burning Questions

On Wednesday morning, I was laying in bed with the iPad next to me and a question entered my brain.

It was a very random question, but I needed to know the answer. I began to type 'Which country first used a tank in combat?' but - before I got to 'used' - the iPad preempted me.

Which Country First Ate Falafels?

It's first guess was that I was about to ask 'which country first ate falafels?' 

Quite a peculiar question to be the initial full question, eh? You'd think the next one down about 'which country first gave women the vote' would beat it.

The falafel question did intrigue me, though. Forget the tanks, I wanted to know about the food that is made from chickpeas and/or fava beans.

Apparently, the food is suspected to have originated from Egypt. However, because Alexandria is a port city, there has been controversy over whether the food was brought in from another middle eastern country. 

It's one of those questions without a definite answer.

As for the tanks - the first country to use one was Britain during World War I. 

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