Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Show Doesn't Have To Go On

The death of Sarah Guyard-Guillot this past weekend will once again bring up a debate about the Owen Hart tragedy that occurred in 1999.

Guyard-Guillot was an acrobat for the Cirque du Soleil. While taking part in one of the Las Vegas shows the troupe do, the performer fell from a great height to her death.

It is similar to how Owen Hart passed away at the WWF Over The Edge pay-per-view in May of '99. However, the similarities end there.

Once it became clear that the Guyard-Guillot was in a bad way, the show was ended. The WWF carried on with its show once Hart was stretchered from the ring.

Two similar accidents, two differing ways of handling them.

In my opinion, the Cirque du Soleil dealt with their tragedy the right way. It still sort of confuses me how the WWF reasoned that they had to continue the show because of fear that the audience at the arena would not understand the seriousness of the accident and possibly cause a riot.

What happened over the weekend proves that shows can be stopped and refunds can be offered.

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