Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Baldwin Video

I have just a video clip that has been circulating on the Internet this morning.

It is of Alec Baldwin in a coffee shop. He's confronted by someone holding their phone. The person asked Baldwin 'can you please say "Free Palestine just one time"' When the actor doesn't, the person asks 'why did you kill that lady?' referring to the accident which happened on a film set which saw Baldwin shoot dead the film's cinematographer and injure its director.

It's up to the legal system to decide whether Baldwin intentionally killed that lady. Spoiler - he didn't. It was negligence. A week ago, the person in charge of ammunition on the movie was prisoned for eighteen months.

Alec Baldwin

Anyway, back to the video.

After being harassed, Baldwin appears to punch the phone. This after asking a member of staff to call the police.

I'll take Baldwin's side here. The person got what they deserved. Ironically, they wanted a reaction. And got one.

If you're going to confront someone with a lot of problems going on, and kind of kick them while they're down, you deserve what you get back in return.

Those kinds of people are the dirt worst.

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