Thursday, April 18, 2024

Not In Draft Mode For '24 (Yet)

The NFL Draft is a week away and I am not in 'Draft Mode' for 2024 just yet.

I have been quite passive when it comes to following the news this year. I listened to bits of a radio show yesterday and have read a few articles here and there, but it nothing compared to last year.

With that all said, in 2023 I was looking out to see which quarterback would fall into the Indianapolis Colts' lap. That was the big story going in.

This year's story - as far as I'm concerned - is to see where Marvin Harrison Jr. lands.

Marvin Harrison is one of my favourite wide receivers ever. I'm keen to see where his son - who also plays in the same position his father did - ends up becoming a pro.

Wouldn't it be crazy if - in years from now - when Peyton Manning's nephew, Arch Manning, has joined the NFL we get to see Manning throwing passes to Harrison Jr?

All that talk won't happen until at least 2026. 

Does this mean I've already entered 'Draft Mode' two years early?

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