Wednesday, April 03, 2024

The Premonition Switch

I had a premonition which lasted for a few days.  I sensed I was going to win something in April's Premium Bonds draw.

I've been fairly lucky with my Bonds, so maybe it was overconfidence rather than a premonition. Anyway, when it came time to view the results - after midnight this morning - I picked up my phone ready to check.

As soon as I had the phone in my hand, I thought to myself 'Nah, I haven't got anything this time'. 

I then clicked on the app and it told me I was not a winner in April.

It's funny how I was sure leading into the April draw, but - when it finally came down to finding out the result - I sensed I was not going to get anything.

My Bonds shall live on to fight another day!

29 Days Until Next Premium Bonds Draw

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