Sunday, September 15, 2019

Old Papers

I came across a website with local newspapers from the late 1800s on it earlier this week.

It resulted in me going down a rabbit hole.

For starters, I've been reading reports of wrestling matches from way back. I'm not even sure if I am reading reports of real wrestling matches or they were worked bouts. All I know is the writers - whoever they were - reported on the bouts as if it was a genuine sport.

One of the articles I came across was about George Hackenschmidt retiring.

Other things I looked out for were articles of people with my surname and wondered whether they were related to me in any way.

One bloke - in an article I read - was a right bastard. Made me hope he wasn't a relation!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

So Far, So Good

It has been a good start in regards to my spreadsheet predicting the Thursday Night Football results.

After two weeks, it has gone 3-1 in guessing which team to take on the pointspread and whether to go over or under the total.

The wins have been on:

Green Bay +3
Tampa Bay +7
Under 49 points in Tampa Bay @ Carolina (score was 20-14 on Thursday night)

The losing play was from the first week when it suggested a bet on the Green Bay Packers versus Chicago Bears game going over the total of 46.5 The final score in that one was 10-3 to Green Bay.

My luck is bound to come to a screeching halt eventually...

Friday, September 13, 2019

National Lottery Advent Scratchcard 2019

Look what I bought yesterday.

2019 National Lottery Advent Calendar

Yep, it's the National Lottery advent scratchcard for this Christmas.

They were announced last week and I've been looking out for them ever since. Mine was bought from a Tesco, but I'm sure they'll start to pop up in smaller retailers eventually.

This is the earliest I've seen them in the shops. Last year's edition was purchased on September 22nd. I thought that was early, but 2019 beat it by ten days!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Predicting The TNF Winner: Week 2 2019

My spreadsheet went 1-1 in predicting the result of last week's season opener, so I'm back to see how it fares for tonight's game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers.

It has predicted the Panthers to win by four points and the total score to be forty-eight. Therefore, it's recommending the following plays:

Tampa Bay +7
Under 49 Points

As per usual - I will not bet on this result. All I am doing here is testing the results for fun.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fireman Sam Is Trending..

Fireman Sam is trending on Twitter as I write today's post.

Why? I am sure you're wondering.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue has dropped Sam from promoting its service because, and I quote, the character 'does not reflect the inclusive nature of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue'.

Apparently, there was a complaint made and the service reacted.

The world has gone mad.

Or rather Lincoln has.

Look - if someone feels this way about an animated TV series, they - in my opinion - are unlikely to have the right head for a job in the fire service.

Just saying.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Triumph To Tragedy

Even though I had a good start to the NFL season by picking the Green Bay Packers to beat the Chicago Bears on Thursday night, the end of the week turned into a disaster.

I lost every single bet I placed on Sunday's games.

I had Tampa Bay -1 to beat San Francisco. They lost 31-17.

Next up, I had the New York Giants as +7 dogs to Dallas. They didn't cover as they were obliterated 35-17.

The final team I had was Pittsburgh. They were +5.5 against the New England Patriots in the last game on Sunday night,

The score? 33-3 to the champs.

I told friends I liked the chance of the Oakland Raiders winning against Denver on Monday Night Football. They were +2.5 home underdogs, but I chose to cut my losses for the week and didn't bother to bet.

Oakland won 24-16.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Netflix Marvel Marathon Update For September 9th 2019

The Netflix Marvel Marathon I have been on for the past two years had another lap scratched off yesterday as I finished watching season three of Daredevil.

I loved it.

It was, without a doubt, the best season of any of the Marvel Netflix shows I've watched since I began watching them in 2017.

The final episode ended with a tease of a fourth season, but that isn't going to happen as the series was cancelled by the streaming giants. It's a shame really, because they did a magnificent job with the third season.

As far as the marathon goes - it looks like season two of The Punisher is next up. Then the final lap is  the third season of Jessica Jones.