Saturday, July 04, 2020

Betting On Virtual Basketball

In a post published yesterday, I wrote about betting on virtual American football games. I thought that I would return today with a different US sport seeing as it's July 4th.

So, just like yesterday, I'm going to have 10 bets on a virtual US sport. This time the game will be basketball.

I don't really know much about the sport, so this might turn out to be a washout.

Cleveland @ San Antonio
I have backed Cleveland +9.5.

Virtual Basketball

The final score was Cleveland 91 San Antonio 96. A win!

New York @ Orlando
I have sided with the totals here and gone with Over 215.5.

The final score was 110-132. Another win.

Cleveland @ Chicago
I've backed Chicago as -3.5 favourites.

Yet another win as Chicago won 117-97.

Houston @ Otlando
I've bet on Under 213.5 in this one.

Houston won 112-109. My first loss!

New York @ Philadelphia
New York +13.5 was too appealing to pass up. Yes, I know close to zilch about basketball betting, but that line seemed too high to my eyes.

102-98 to New York!

Portland @ Boston
Here's an intriguing one I've gone for. the total score to be between 185 and 189 points. It was 25/1.

Portland won 105-100. 

I kind of knew this would be a loss.

Cleveland @ San Francisco
I've taken the Cleveland team as +14.5 underdogs.

114-93 to San Francisco. Loser!

Philadelphia @ Los Angeles
I'm going with the Under 211.5 in this game.

106-92 to Philly. Back to winning ways.

Boston @ Portland
I've bet on Portland as -1.5 favourites.

Portland won 102-95.

Final game..

Orlando @ Chicago
I was tempted to back Chicago -1.5, but - in the back of my mind - I have a feeling Orlando will cover. Therefore, I'm taking Orlando to win on the money line.

The final score was 104-96 to Orlando, so my instinct was spot on.

Final Thoughts
Virtual basketball gambling is obviously similar to the American football one I played yesterday. Therefore, I would state the same as I did yesterday: it's fun for small stakes on rare occasions, but nothing more than that.

I prefer the American football version because that's the US sport I enjoy betting on the most.

For these ten games, I ended up with thirty-two pence more than I started off with, so that was a bonus. I think.

Friday, July 03, 2020

Betting On Virtual American Football

I came across something intriguing when I was looking through the betting website I regularly use yesterday.

You all know that firms have virtual horse and greyhound tracks, right? Well - how about virtual American football fields?

That's right, I stumbled across the new game where clients can gamble on US football.

Just like regular punting on the sport, you can bet on the straight up winner, the pointspread winner and back the over/under on the totals.

Each 'game' is shown in highlight form so you see all the touchdowns and field goals. Interceptions are also shown. 

I tested it out by betting on ten games. I made 'real-time' observations during the experience. 

Philadelphia Legends @ New York Legends
The New York team are -7.5 favourites. I want to see how this thing goes before I bet on the pointspread. For now, I'm going to bet on the total.

I have bet on the game to go over 38.5 points.

- The first quarter ended with Philadelphia 7-3 up.
- The 2nd quarter ended 14-6
- The third quarter 21-9
- The final result was 21-16

Hmm, just like reality, I lose 

Denver Legends @ New York Legends
I suppose it's going to be John Elway or Peyton Manning at quarterback if it's 'Denver Legends', so I'm going to bet on the Broncos with the +4.5 headstart.

Virtual American Football

New York won 21-10.

San Francisco Legends @ New England Legends
I've bet on this one to go under the total of 38.5.

The final score was 28-24.

I'm not good at this, am I?

Philadelphia Legends @ Miami Legends
It's also possible to wager on the 'Winning Margin'. I've backed Miami to win by 1-6 at 4/1. 

Philadelphia 17 
Miami 7

Dreadful result.

Denver Legends @ Oakland Legends
I've gone to the '1-6 Winning Margin' well yet again. This time, I've sided with Denver but they/re underdogs.

Denver won 17-14, so this was the first win I've had.

Green Bay Legends @ Miami Legends
Going with Green Bay -1.5 here.

The final score: 24-17 to Miami. 

Not the first time I've lost a bet on a Brett Favre Green Bay team!

Denver Legends @ Philadelphia Legends
I've gone for the under 38.5 in this one.

28-9 to Denver.

A win for me.

New York Legends @ San Francisco Legends
I'm going to gamble on New York +3.5.

Another win as the New York Legends won 28-13.

New York Legends @ Miami Legends
Hmm... I'll gamble on New York, who are -1.5 favourites.

This turned out to be a 21-20 win for Miami. Disastrous score.

Denver Legends .vs. New England Legends
I've backed over 38.5 points. 

New England won this game 35-13. Therefore, I have a win to end on thanks mainly to the Patriots (grrrr).

Final Thoughts
This isn't really something I would do on a regular occasion. A bit of fun here and there for small stakes, yes. Not for anything more than that.

It was fun seeing some of the legends on those teams.

Phil Simms, Terry Bradshaw, Jeremy Shockey, Frank Gifford and Kevin Faulk were some of the players I recall seeing on there. The Packers' quarterback wore number four, so that had to have been Favre. 

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Selling Turnips: Week 11

For the past number of weeks, I've published weekly updates about my adventures buying and selling turnips on Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. 

It has been fun to keep track of my performance, but I thought I'd do something different this week and cover the week of attempting to sell my turnips in diary form.

Monday Morning (June 29)
As you can see in the image below, I've kept the five thousand turnips I bought on Sunday close to the shop to ensure a smooth delivery once I have a decent offer from Timmy and Tommy.

Selling Turnips: Week 11 Monday Morning

I made my first visit moments after taking the picture above. The offer was 81 Bells. Not good enough right now. I need anything over 94 Bells per item.

After the visit, I put the 81 offer into the turnip projector. It is suggesting that there is a 62.4% chance of a large spike sometime this week. I'll need to keep checking into Nook's Cranny and getting offers to get a better gauge on when the big spike will take place.

It should be worth noting that the projector has given 31.2% chance of my offers lowering across the days and there being a 6.37% chance of there being a 'Small Spike'.

For now, I look ahead to the afternoon visit. It looks like the offer will range from 76 to 132 Bells.

Monday Afternoon (June 29)
The prediction turned out to be accurate because Tommy offered me 77 Bells. 

Animal Crossing Turnip Offer

I have put the 77 offer into the projector and it is pointing to a large spike coming along somewhere between Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon.

As for tomorrow - the projection for the morning visit is 72 to 132 Bells. 

Tuesday Morning (June 30)
It was another spot on call from the turnip projector as this morning's offer was 73 Bells. That's one out yet again. 

Turnip Offer

The projector has now given the 'Decreasing' trend a 38.8% chance. That is looking like what's happening. However, it has the 'Large Spike' at 55.5% so I will ride it for the time being.

Thursday afternoon to Friday  afternoon is where it currently points to big numbers. 

As for this afternoon, the prediction is 68 to 132 Bells. If I were a gambling man (yeah, okay), I'd guess that - going by the trend - the offer could be 69 Bells. If so, I might be in trouble as it would be another decreasing number.

Tuesday Afternoon (June 30)
The afternoon offer was close to my guess of 69 Bells. It was 70.

I have a feeling this is going to be a 'Decreasing' week. I now have a 50.6% chance of a large spike and it's 44.3% on the offers falling every time I visit.

If it's going to be a good week, Thursday and Friday will be when the fortune comes. Apparently.

Wednesday Morning (July 1)
Things have gone downhill. Again.

Animal Crossing Turnip Offer

This morning's offer was 66 Bells per turnip.

I've keyed the number into the projector and it has now flipped to giving this week a 'Decreasing' one. The chance of it being one is now at 51.4% while the one that was in the fifties yesterday - 'Large Spike' - is now at 44.1%.

The afternoon offer will confirm it. 

As it currently stands, the 'Decreasing' forecast for after midday is 61 to 64 Bells. If it lands on any of those numbers, I am confident that this will be where I'll have to take the hit and sell. 

The large spike projection is 85 to 132 Bells. If the offer is in that range, then I will hold on, but - as I sit here right now - I am sure this will be a bad week.

Onto this afternoon!

Wednesday Afternoon (July 1)
My fears turned out to be accurate - the afternoon offer was 62 Bells per turnip.

After finding out how much Timmy and Tommy wanted, I had a look at the projection website and it had given the chance of it being a 'Decreasing' week at 61.4%.

The offers for the rest of the week had a guaranteed minimum of 57 Bells while the guaranteed maximum was 60 Bells.

Even though 35.1% was given to the chance of there being a large spike, I thought it was not worth the gamble any more.

It was time to sell.

I offloaded the turnips for a return of 310,000. That's a loss of 160,000 Bells. Without a doubt, it is the worst hit I have ever had with this turnip selling lark.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Upon Further Review

I recently published a post in which I noted that I had tried Fanta's new green drink.

It's part of a promotion called What The Fanta in which people had to guess the flavour. I finished the post stating that I believed the flavour I had was green apple.

Since writing the post, I've had more sips of the drink. I kind of still believe that there is a hint of apple, but another suggestion has entered my consciousness. 

I've noticed that there is an after taste of pear when I've tried it. Therefore, upon further review, I am not completely sure it's green apple. 

It could be pear...

Green Fanta

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Cam The Pat

I woke up in the early hours of Monday morning to the news that Cam Newton has joined the New England Patriots.

The former Carolina Panther has signed a one-year deal and will obviously be in position to be the quarterback that replaces Tom Brady, who has joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The news was a surprise to me. I had a feeling Newton would end up playing for Washington because that's where his former head coach - Ron Rivera - is now in charge.

Another reason - possibly the main one - why I was surprised at the news is I have had a feeling, ever since Brady departed the Patriots, that Andrew Luck would come out of retirement and join them.

I suppose Newton's one-year deal means there's a chance of Luck coming in in 2021, but I think that pipe dream nightmare looks even less likely now.


Monday, June 29, 2020

Buying Turnips: Week 11

On Animal Crossing yesterday, Daisy Mae did what she usually does on a Sunday and visited my island in order to sell turnips.

I did what I usually do and bought some.

Actually, I did more than buy 'some'. 

I bought what I would consider a lot of them, when contrasted with the amount I usually end up with after a meeting with Daisy Mae.

Buying Turnips On Animal Crossing (Week 11)

As you can see, the character was offering the veggies at a price of 94 Bells each. 

I initially ordered two thousand, but then had a change of mind. I dropped the turnips I had in order to make room in my pockets.

I was going on a spree. And then some.

Buying Turnips On Animal Crossing (Week 11)

In the end, I made a couple more visits to Daisy Mae and ended up with a total of five thousand turnips that are now ready to be sold on this week.

Anything above 470,000 will turn(ip) a profit. Something I failed to do last week.

Buying Turnips On Animal Crossing (Week 11)

Sunday, June 28, 2020


I might be late to this party, but I came across a bottle of a new mystery Fanta the other day.

It's a promotion that the soft drinks company has came up that is using the hashtag WhatTheFanta. The liquid is a green colour and there are apparently THREE different flavours out there. All of them green.

The flavour of the bottle I tried reminded me of a Fanta drink I had earlier this year.

It was from the USA and was called Green Apple. I think that this is what the flavour is here albeit without the sugar.