Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Punisher In Daredevil Season II

I read yesterday that The Punisher will be a villain in season two of Daredevil.

I have yet to watch the Netflix series. The plan was to catch it over the summer when I had some free time. The news that Frank Castle will be in the second series might rush the plan.

The Punisher has been one of my favourite Marvel characters. I've been a fan of his since the late 1980s when he and Spider-Man teamed up in Marvel Tales.

It might come as a surprise, but I thought the Dolph Lundgren movie was good (hey, I was a kid!).

With that stated, I was not fond of the latest Punisher movies that have been released in the 21st Century.

Will be interested to see how The Punisher comes off as an antagonist to Daredevil. He's always been an anti-hero, so I wonder if he'll be a baddie that some might root for.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sleep Or Slammiversary?

When this post is published, it'll be an hour before the start of TNA Slammiversary.

I haven't watched a live TNA PPV in years. I used to watch every month back around the mid-to-late 2000s through the Internet because it wasn't available live on TV over here.

As I have mentioned previously - the show will be broadcast live on Challenge TV in the UK.

The first time ever that I can watch it on my own television set live and in living colour. I'm going to stay up, right?


All signs point to the company being done once its television commitments are honoured in the late summer to early autumn.

I cannot justify staying up until four in the morning. It isn't a sound investment. Sleep wins.

If only these shows were put on TV live back when the product was at its best. It would have been fantastic.

Such a shame.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pay Up, TNA

The dire excuse of a wrestling company - Total Nonstop Action - airs its Slammiversary PPV live on Challenge TV in the UK tonight.

I would have started off today's post without the 'dire excuse of a wrestling company' bit, but news I read yesterday put paid to that.

TNA is in the shit. There's no nice way of putting it. The company's television show - Impact - appears to be getting pulled from its US channel, Destination America, later this year. What this means I do not know.

What I do know, from the reports I have read, is the staff are late on pay. Not for the first time, might I add.

Hell, I have lost count how many times I have read about wages being delivered after they were due.

The wrestlers are being screwed by the owners and that's bad enough. What I dislike reading, and I have read it a lot from TNA over the past year, is the independently-contracted production crew are having to wait a very long time for the work they have been doing.

It isn't good enough.

You know when these wrestling companies do the 'I love you guys' spiel to the audience and go on and on about how 'we wouldn't be where we are if not for the fans'? Well, I think that's incorrect to a degree. These wrestling companies wouldn't be where they are if it wasn't for the production staff working tirelessly rigging up lighting, recording hours of footage and everything and anything in between. These people are the workers of the business and for them to be overlooked is insulting.

They were told to wait until July for work they done in May and have just completed days worth of tapings and are expected to show up tonight and film three hours of a live PPV with no idea when their cheque is going to come.

I know it's easy for me to sit here and write this, but if it were me, I'd seriously consider threatening to strike an hour before the show goes live tonight.

Pay up.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Too Soon

I was a little bit early with Tuesday's post where I stated that Petr Cech had signed for Arsenal.

Twitter was going mental, so I assumed it was all signed on. It wasn't until yesterday that I realised he still hadn't had his medical with the Gunners.

That's what happens when football season is over - I don't pay close attention to the news!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Testing My American Football System On CFL Football

I have ran a bunch of CFL stats into the American football betting system I use to bet on NFL and College football and am going to share them here so I have an online record of them being published.

I did a similar trial last season and had a 100% record the first outing. However, the second time I tried it went 100% in the other direction!

This is just for a test, so I don't recommend betting on them.

Ottawa @ Montreal

This is the first game and kicks off not long after this post is published.

The system has Montreal winning by 10 and suggests taking the Under 48.

System recommends:
Montreal -7.5
Under 48

Hamilton @ Calgary

The system has Calgary winning by 4 and the game being high scoring.

System recommends:
Hamilton +6.5
Over 52.5

Edmonton @ Toronto

This has Edmonton winning by 5. The score just under the current line.

System recommends:
Toronto +7.5
Under 49

Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

This one has another favourite winning, but not covering. Also has another under.

System recommends:
Winnipeg +7.5
Under 48

I'll publish another post some time next week where I will look at the actual results and see where I was right or wrong. I'm not that enamoured with the results, to be fair. We'll see how it goes.

If you'd like to read more about the Football Poinstread Tips system, you can go to my website: FootballPointspread.tips

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cool Ketchup Or Not Cool Ketchup? That Is The Question

I received an email from YouGov yesterday and the subject title read - 'The Great Ketchup Debate: Fridge or Kitchen?'

There's no debate where I'm concerned. It's fridge all the way!

I dislike the taste of warm tomato ketchup. It has to be cool.

Whenever we run out, I always head to the cupboard to take out another bottle and leave it in the refrigerator to ensure I get it at the temperature I like the next time I need some sauce.

Other things mentioned in the debate were:

Eggs - I'd put them in the fridge
Tomatoes - It depends
Grapes - Fridge!
Potatoes - Kitchen
Bread - Kitchen
Onions - Depends
Apples - Definitely fridge for me

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Not Another Spidey Reboot!?

Another Spider-Man actor has been cast.

The news broke yesterday that Tom Holland will now play Peter Parker in the next Spider-Man movie which will be released in cinemas sometime in 2017.

I really hope it isn't another reboot, but my very own spider sense is tingling to inform me that it will be.

Granted, I thought Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a mess. I just don't think I'd want to watch another take on the Spider-Man genesis story.

Spider-Man from 2002 was great. Amazing Spider-Man a decade later was okayish and I can live with it if it saves having to sit through another retelling of how Peter Parker became the web-slinger.

If they didn't like the latest edition, they should wait a few more years. In my opinion, it seems too soon to rehash it.