Sunday, October 20, 2019

My Week 7 NFL Fantasy Team

Here's the team I've entered into this week's NFL Daily Fantasy contest.

Week 7 NFL Fantasy Picks

I've been absolutely rubbish playing these weekly contests. I have not returned a single penny from the £9 entries each week.

This morning, I put £90 into my account. That's an indicator that I am in this for the rest of the season as I am planning to continue this up to week sixteen.

I'll see how I go before deciding whether to play the crapshoot that's week 17!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Smackdown Saturdays

I'm still trying to get used to this WWE Smackdown being live on a Friday night thing.

When I woke up this morning, I knew it was Saturday. I just forgot that it was the morning following Smackdown. I proceeded to open up the Twitter app to see if anybody had messaged me and I landed upon a spoiler from the episode.

It's my own fault.

Or is it?

Maybe I'll take partial responsibility for doing something I would usually do on a Saturday morning.

When I was beginning to write today's post, I reminded myself of the late 1990's when we didn't get WWE Monday Night Raw until Friday nights.

My Saturday mornings, after either work or going clubbing on a Friday, would often see me pop the VHS in from the night before and to catch up with WWE.

Oh, how this world has changed.

Friday, October 18, 2019

WWE Films And Home And Away Doctors Succession Coincidence

Here's something completely random that I noticed about a couple of WWE movies and Home and Away doctors.

Remember the film titled See No Evil that WWE produced in the mid-2000s and starred Kane?

Well - one of the actresses from it has been in Home and Away for a few years. Her real name is Penny McNamee and she plays the role of Dr. Tori Morgan.

Both Penny McNamee and her character were pregnant, so they've had to find a way to write the character out until McNamee returns from maternity leave.

I won't get into what they've done other than to write that - because Tori runs the hospital - they've had to bring in another character to cover her absence.

The new character is played by an actress named Zoe Ventoura who just so happens to have also played a part in See No Evil. She's billed as 'Eyeless Woman' on IMDB.

The WWE movie/Home and Away doctor thing goes further back than that, though.

Remember The Condemned? It was another WWE produced movie. This time starring 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin in the lead role. His antagonist was a guy named Breckel. The actor that played him - Robert Mammone - is an ex Home and Away star. He played the role of Sid Walker, who was the head doctor that McNamee's character - Tori - replaced!

The moral of this story -  if you're an Australian actor that has starred in a WWE movie, the odds of you getting a job as a doctor in Summer Bay are very good.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Predicting The TNF Winner: Week 7 2019

I've just placed a bunch of numbers into my spreadsheet to see what it has predicted for tonight's NFL game and it has given me an unsurprising prediction.

It has Kansas City to beat Denver by four points and for there to be a total of forty-four points in the game.

Therefore, it's recommended plays are:

KC -3
Under 48.5

As per usual, I am not going to bet on either of these plays. And if I were to, I would absolutely avoid the Kansas City play because it conflicts with an opinion I have and that is the Broncos could cover this one as they've lost a few of their last meetings with the Chiefs - both home and away - and that's going to start turning around eventually. Maybe even tonight.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

TV Returns And A Newcomer

In a follow up to yesterday's post about a new DC Comics TV Series -Pennyworth, I thought I'd mention that - after publishing the post - I decided to check out when some of my favourites are returning to UK screens.

It was good news.

Supergirl comes back this coming Monday, The Flash returns the following day and then - a week later, on Wednesday October 30th - Arrow will return for what will be its final season (booooo!).

All of those programmes will be on Sky One.

Sky Atlantic will have a DC Comics series of its own from next week when Watchmen airs. It's going to be simulcast with the US at 2AM BST on Monday morning and will then be repeated later that day at a more appropriate time.

To prepare myself for Watchmen, I spent yesterday evening checking out the movie because I hadn't seen it before.

After watching the film, what I will say now is.. I don't think I'll end up liking Watchmen!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pennyworth In The UK

I've just found out that a DC Comics series that I wrote about a while back is set to be screened here in the UK.

One problem, though - it's going to be on StarzPlay, which is an add-on of Amazon Prime. This means I have to pay extra on top of my Prime subscription and that means I'm not going to bother.

Well, it's a no as of right now. This stance can, and probably will, change.

I'm not even sure I'll end up liking the programme. It's called Pennyworth and it's all about who would end up becoming Bruce Wayne's butler - Alfred Pennyworth.

Sean Pertwee was a great Alfred in the last Batman-inspired TV series - Gotham, so whoever is playing him has huge boots to fill.

I'm sure I'll end up watching it. Eventually.

The programme will begin streaming on the service later this month.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Yesterday's Win

On Friday, I published THIS POST in which I pointed out that the Seattle Seahawks were my favourite betting play of week 6's round of NFL games because they qualified for two betting angles I like to wager on.

The first thing I like to do (when I am compelled to bet) is look at the teams that played on Thursday night in the previous week as they have had more time to prepare for the following week's games. The second angle I usually like to look into is to see how the teams that played on Monday night fare as they have less preparation.

The unique thing about this week's game is the Seattle Seahawks - who played on Thursday in week 5 - were up against the Cleveland Browns, who last played on Monday night.

I thought Seattle was worth a bet. This turned out to be the correct call as the final score was 32-28. It was a close game, though!

It should be worth noting that the Los Angeles Rams also qualified for these betting angles. They played Seattle last week and were up against Cleveland's opponents from Monday.

I chose to ignore the Rams because they won both games against the 49ers last season, so I thought San Francisco would have had revenge in mind. Plus, the 49ers are on an undefeated streak so far in the 2019 season and I felt the Rams were incorrectly graded as the betting favourites to win that match.

My decision to pass on the Rams was another good call as the 49ers beat them 20-7.