Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Game Over (For At Least A Year)

It looks like my annual guessing game - where I predict  the NFL season opener - isn't happening this year.

According to reports, the Super Bowl champions - Philadelphia - will play Minnesota in the first game of the 2018 season.

This hasn't been confirmed by the National Football League, but I guess this sort of thing wouldn't come out otherwise.

The game will be a rematch of the NFC Championship decider which saw the Eagles win with a score of 38-7 and secure a place in the Super Bowl.


I'm banking on the Vikings spending the entire off-season looking forward to avenge that game. It should go without saying that I'm eyeing up the Vikes....

Monday, March 19, 2018

Another Netflix Marvel Series Done

My Netflix Marvel marathon completed yet another series today.

I have just finished off watching Luke Cage.

Going in, I had low expectations because Cage was a character on Jessica Jones - a series I struggled with. I thought I'd dislike it, but I didn't.

It wasn't as good as Daredevil, but it's miles better than Jessica Jones.

I now face the task of Iron Fist...

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Scratchin' 2018 : Week 11

I have now completed the eleventh week of a goal I have set for 2018 where I plan to scratch a National Lottery scratch card a day throughout the year.

This week saw me pull in a £2 ticket on Thursday and a £1 card yesterday.

Not doing too well, am I?

I am now £48 down overall.

I purchased the cards for April the other day. I was given an idea by somebody who suggested mixing the cards, so I went on a hunt for 10 of three different cards. Two of the sets I had my eye on were unavailable, so I've decided to go for 2 contrasting sets of £1 cards and then picked ten of a £2 style.

And there I was thinking thirty-day months would be cheaper!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Cheltenham Week 2018 : The Aftermath

I would have had a bad day at the office - in regards to my Cheltenham Day 4 bets - if it wasn't for the fact that I placed most of yesterday's bets using free credit I had earned across the week.

I had one winner. This was in the first race of the day when Farclas won the JCB Triumph Hurdle.

All of my other selections failed to place, let alone win.

I closed out yesterday with £7.80 profit. I need to put an asterisk next to this due to the wagers being placed with bonus cash, Still a win is a win.

Here's how the week went:

Tuesday: +9.54
Wednesday: -0.38
Thursday: +8.50
Friday: +7.80

I make that £25.46 profit, which - if you consider the dreadful series of Cheltenham posts from the past few years - is a success.

Back next year..

Friday, March 16, 2018

Cheltenham 2018 : Day 3 Results And Day 4 Picks

Heading into the fourth and final day of the 2018 Cheltenham Festival and I am showing a profit of £17.66.

Yesterday wasn't the best day for winners, but the one that did came in at 14/1. The win came in the form of Balko Des Flos in the Ryanair Chase. Benatar placed in the 1:30. I closed the day with £8.50 more than I started with.

All other selections from yesterday's post lost.

Here are my picks for today's card:

1:30 - Farclas
2:10 - Flying Tiger
2:50 - Calett Mad
3:30 - Road To Respect
4:10 - Foxrock
4:50 - Diese Des Bieffes
5:30 - Rock The World

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Cheltenham 2018 : Day 2 Results And Day 3 Picks

I am now at the mid-way point of the Cheltenham Festival and I'm £9.16 ahead.

Yesterday saw me get two winners, three losers and two horses placed. I decided to cash out on my Super Heinz bet ahead of the final two races. 

I finished yesterday down by thirty-eight pence.

Here are the losing horses from yesterday:

2:50 - Mount Mews
4:50 - Eragon De Chanay
5:30 - Blackbow


1:30 - Black Op
4:10 - The Last Samuri


2:10 - Presenting Percy
3:30 - Alitor

Now, onto day three:

1:30 - Benatar
2:10 - Sort It Out
2:50 - Balko Des Flos
3:30 - Sam Spinner
4:10 - Movewiththetimes
4:50 - Marias Benefit
5:30 - Pendra

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cheltenham 2018 : Day 1 Results And Day 2 Picks

Day one of the 2018 Cheltenham Festival is in the books. For those keeping score, I'm £9.54 in profit. Still a long way to go before I pat myself on the back.

The winning selections I backed yesterday were:

3:30 Buveur D'Air
5:30 Mister Whitaker

The one that placed:

4:50 Sizing Tennessee (3rd)

I also pointed out these two horses from the first couple of races, but did not bet on them:

1:30 Kalashnikov (2nd)
2:10 Footpad (Winner)

Now onto day two...

1:30 - Black Op
2:10 - Presenting Percy
2:50 - Mount Mews
3:30 - Alitor
4:10 - The Last Samuri
4:50 - Eragon De Chanay
5:30 - Blackbow

This time I have placed bets on all runners. I have done a 5p each-way Super Heinz on all.
Horses coloured in blue have been backed at £3 each-way while the ones in regular black are £2 each-way.

I've spent £50 today.