Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Case Case

I have recently found myself shopping for a new iPad case on Amazon.

It should have been easy.

I found a nice faux leather case, so purchased it. When it arrived the following day, I immediately took the iPad out of the current case (which is falling apart) and placed it in what I thought would be its new home.

It fit perfectly.

The one problem I found was - when I took a photo with the camera - there was a brown blur on the left of the frame. This obviously meant the hole in the camera was not cut properly.

Back it went.

Once I received the refund, I found a similar case. It had the same material as the previous order, but the pattern was different. It was also made by a different company.

Just like I had done a day earlier, I took the case out almost as soon as it arrived at my home. The iPad, once again, fit the case. I then tried the camera. No blur! 


Or so I thought.

When I closed the case, I noticed it didn't send the iPad to sleep unless I pushed down hard on the cover.

I could have lived with it. I think. However, I didn't want to go months - or years - down the line and find myself regretting the decision to stick with the case.

So - off that one went as well.

I am currently waiting on the delivery of a cheaper case I found on eBay last night. Could this be third time lucky?

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