Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Only In American Sports...

I don't really know which is the most significant US sports story of the week out of Caitlin Clark not being picked for the women's Olympic basketball team for Paris or Joey Chestnut seemingly being banned from participating in Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

For the latter - it is because Chestnut, the GOAT of the annual July 4 competition, has agreed to a sponsorship deal with Impossible Foods - a vegan food company which obviously causes a conflict of interest what with Nathan's hot dogs being the real deal.

Both stories have seen people react in similar ways with the basketball folks scratching their heads at Team USA's decision to leave Clark - someone who has had a huge impact on college basketball and now has the world watching her in the WNBA - at home and the food fellows up in arms over the imminent conspicuous absence of Chestnut from the Independence Day extravaganza.

I don't know much about the Clark business, but I cannot shake off the feeling that the controversy over Chestnut will fix itself and he will end up on the podium in over three weeks.

Clark is too good to leave behind. As for Chestnut? Well, his record speaks for itself. He has won all but one Nathan's hot dog eating contests since 2007. 

Cue closing random AI image of the day:

Random Hot Dogs

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