Friday, June 28, 2024

Eating Popeyes Breakfast (For The Very First Time)

On July 4th of last year, I published a post about trying Popeyes food for the first time. I was in the mood for a McDonald's breakfast this morning but found myself lured into a return to Popeyes. So, here's the sequel you weren't expecting.

When I browsed the items available, I made the decision that, if I was going to eat from Popeyes, everything I was going to have had to be Cajun.

Therefore, to start I had:

Popeyes Cajun Hash Brown

The Cajun hash brown was nice. I would go so far as to say the spicy texture made it a slight bit better than a McDonald's hash brown.  I've surprised myself by writing that because I am not fond of spicy food. 

The surprises might continue because here's what I had for the main part of the breakfast.

Popeyes Breakfast

This was a 'Big Breakfast Roll'. It was a brioche bun filled with a sausage patty, egg, streaky bacon and American cheese. 

It's possible to order this sandwich with tomato ketchup, brown sauce or Cajun ketchup. To keep to my rule, I opted for the spicier option.

Unlike the hash brown, I found the Cajun-take to be a little too powerful for my liking. At first! Once I took a few more bites my pallet became comfortable with the sandwich and I found it somewhat enjoyable. Had I not chosen the Cajun route, I would have gone for brown sauce.

Finally, I had a biscuit to finish everything off.

Popeyes Biscuit

I tried my first biscuit with gravy almost a year ago. This time around, I went with one with a cinnamon sugar topping.

As I've written many times in the past, cinnamon is hit-or-miss with me. Sometimes I love it, and other times I detest it. This one was a thumbs up.

To be frank, I doubt I'd go out of my way for a Popeyes breakfast any time in the near future. If I ever do, I'd  once again go for a Cajun hash brown but would likely opt for something else other than the breakfast roll. I would also think hard about picking something with the Cajun ketchup. Brown sauce is my breakfast go to whenever I get McDonald's.

As for the cinnamon biscuit? That could be an order time decision. I had a choice of one with honey or another with Nutella. If met with a similar options in future, I might pick something other than cinnamon sugar even though I found my first one enjoyable.

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