Thursday, June 27, 2024

Shrugs To Toadfish Leaving Neighbours

I shrugged my shoulders when I read the news that Ryan Moloney is leaving Neighbours.

The actor, who has played Toadfish on the soap since 1995, announced today that he will film his final scenes later this year.

At the risk of coming across harsh, I haven't really been keen on Toadfish's latest storylines. There's only so much of a open-mouthed Toadie I can take. 

Ryan Moloney Leaves Neighbours

I'm not going to disregard Moloney's contribution to the series. Toadfish has been in some iconic stories in the twenty-nine years. 

Forgetting the twist in the first episode of the relaunch, the only story I thought brought out the best in Moloney in recent years was when Toadfish's wife - Sonya - passed away. Those scenes struck me.

Before that, we had to endure the ridiculousness of Toadie's former wife - Dee - coming back from seemingly being dead and having an evil identical twin.

Yes, non-Neighbours fans, you read that correctly.

I suppose that's where I started to lose interest in the character. Unfortunately, the Sonya deal didn't completely turn me around.

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