Thursday, May 30, 2024

I've Joined Tesco Home Panels

Sometime last year, or possibly at the start of 2024, I came across some reviews of products on supermarket websites which prefaced that they had been given the item they were about to write about as a sample by said supermarket.

I thought I would look into this kind of thing for a few reasons. First, I thought it would be interesting to see whether joining a scheme like that would be a success. Then, I thought it would be a benefit for both myself and the company because it allows me to create content for this blog (by reviewing products now and again) and allows the supermarket to get my feedback.

I already kind of do that with the occasional book reviews I post after having been given advance copies.

Anyway, I came across Tesco Home Panels on that day somewhere within the last year or so. At the time, the company was not looking to sign any new panellists up. However, they asked for an email in order to contact me when they were at a stage where they were looking for new recruits (if I can call it that!).

I was finally given the opportunity to join a few weeks ago. 

Tesco Home Panels asked me to fill in a few details about myself a. I was then asked to write a product review so they could look over it while considering my application.

The review was sprung on me. I could write about anything (ie - it didn't have to come from Tesco). I sat there for a moment or two wondering to myself 'what should I write about?' and then I looked beside me and saw a can of pop.


I wrote about that.

Tesco Logo

After applying, I was told I would have to wait anywhere between four and six weeks to see if I was successful.

It didn't take that long. I received an email a couple of days ago, less than three weeks later, to inform me I had been accepted. The first thing they gave me was 100 points to kickstart my account. 

When asked to complete a survey, Tesco Home Panels will give me 20 points for short questionnaires and forty for longer ones.

Once panellists have earned 1,000 points, they will receive a £10 E-voucher.

At the time of my application, Tesco Home Panels asked me for my Tesco Clubcard number. That's important because it appears as though they select customers to take part in product trials based on the items they purchase with the Clubcard. 

Going by that knowledge, I surmise I'll be doing more questionnaires than product trials because I am not the main Clubcard user at home. With that said, mine does get used whenever I shop at Tesco, so I have to hope something in the algorithm works out for me and I am called to take part in those kinds of trials.

I aim to document my time as part of this panel and offer occasional updates along the way. 

Until then, I have some Tesco shopping to do. 

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