Monday, March 25, 2024

Zeros To Heroes 2024 (Plus A Mess Up!)

I noticed that it is now possible to wager on teams to win their respective NFL divisions, so thought it was a perfect opportunity to place my Zeros to Heroes wagers for 2024.

However, I messed something up along the way. More on that later.

To those of you who may have missed my 'Zeros to Heroes' strategy over the years, here's what I do: I place wagers on teams to win their respective divisions if they (1) finished fourth in their division in the previous season and (2) appointed a new head coach.

For 2024, five of the eight teams that finished in fourth place last season have brought in new head coaches. Therefore, with five selections, I could have placed them in a Lucky 31 multiples bet.

'Could have' is the operative wording. That's because I made a mistake when I placed this year's bet.

For some reason, I had written the Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC West. They did indeed finish fourth last season. However, the Cardinals retained Jonathan Gannon's services for 2024.

So - my wager, which is a Lucky 63, has the following teams plus Arizona. 

Zeros To Heroes 2024

I'll have to put an asterisk next to any returns I make should there be any zeros that become heroes in 2024.

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