Sunday, March 24, 2024

Not Another Hogan Figure!?

A little over a month ago, I wrote about browsing through WWE action figures on the Smyths Toys website.

What I didn't mention - in the aforementioned post - is I had came across a Hulk Hogan figure I really liked the look of.

Unfortunately - at the time - the item was sold out in my local store. However, a few weeks after publishing the post, the website noted stock had be replenished.

I had to buy it.

Hulk Hogan Action Figure

As you can see, in the picture above, this is a retro looking image of The Huckster. I would surmise it's from around 1984ish when he wore this kind of gear.

The most fascinating part of the figure is his head. The makers have given him a little bit more hair on top, which is fabulous attention to detail (if I say so myself!).

Another thing I really like about this figurine is how detailed his face is. I don't usually buy WWE figures any more, but this one looks amazing. They've sure evolved since I was a child.

Hulk Hogan Action Figure

As I noted, I don't religiously collect wrestling figures. With that said, if you can call what I have a 'collection' this would be the seventh Hulk Hogan I own.

I have a Hogan from when he was in WCW. Then - in late 2002 or early 2003 - I purchased a box set of three Hogan figures that were produced by WWE. Those three figures are of certain stages of Hogan's career (his WWF run, as a member of the New World Order and from his WWE return in 2002). I have seen the box set going for crazy money online.

Next up is a Hulk Hogan in a 'Defining Moments' set that I have on my bedside table. The moment is from his first WWF Championship win from 1984.

The most recent Hulk Hogan - before this year - was a giant Hogan which stands close to my thigh. My dad gave it to me as a Christmas present a few years ago. 

None of those figures have as good facial detail as the new one.

After writing all that, I think it's safe to conclude I have far too many Hulk Hogans.

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