Monday, March 18, 2024

1,000 Days Later

Remember the other day - in the post when I wrote about it being Wordle's 1,000th daily puzzle and I mentioned that there was another 1,000th day celebration coming up? Well, the moment has finally arrived.

It has been 1,000 days since I first used an Amazon Kindle.

You know how I am aware of that? Well, it's because - on the Kindle app - it states that I am on the 1,000th day of continuous reading.

1,000 Days Kindle

I have written posts sharing my milestones in the past. The first update was 10 Weeks After I Started. Then, I came back with another update when it was A Year After first picking up a Kindle. The most recent follow-up came last year when I reached 100 Weeks as a Kindle owner.

Considering I am on Day 1,000, I guess I don't need to prove that I still enjoy using the device. Heck, I should have written 'Devices' considering I now own TWO Kindles after having picked up a Kindle Scribe last summer.

Both Kindles get good use out of me. 

In the last update, I wrote that I had read 131 books. As of right now, the number stands at 187. Here's everything I have read from 132.

132. The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece by Tom Hanks
133. Time Shelter by Georgi Gospodinov
134. Tangled Ropes by 'Superstar' Billy Graham
135. Drowning by T.J. Newman
136. The Waste Lands by Stephen King
137. The Premonitions Bureau by Sam Knight
138. Needful Things by Stephen King
139. Dynamite and Davey by Steven Bell
140. Pop 1280 by Jim Thompson
141. This Is Your Own Time You're Wasting by Lee and Adam Parkinson
142. The Very Best of Fesshole by Rob Manuel
143. Gerald's Game by Stephen King
144. Diary of a Flight Attendant by Marika Mikusova
145. Overheard at Waitrose: Poetry of the Public by Nathan Bragg
146. Good Pop, Bad Pop by Jarvis Cocker
147. Grateful by Eric Bischoff
148. Wrath of the Dragon by John Little
149. The Last Real World Champion by Tim Hornbaker
150. The Last Action Heroes by Nick de Semlyen
151. The Two-Minute Warning by David A. Kelly
152. Tod Is God by Tod Gordon
153. Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King
154. It Will All Work Out by Kevin Hart
155. 9/11 Chaos by Larry Smith
156. Dirty Briefs by Dave Fendem
157. The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright
158. The Woman Who Would Be King by Madusa Miceli
159. Starting Over by Jack Sheffield
160. Gambler by Billy Walters
161. Put The Kettle On by Trish Taylor
162. Overheard at Whole Foods by Theresa Vogrin
163. This Other Eden by Paul Harding
164. Prophet Song by Paul Lynch
165. The Bee Sting by Paul Murray
166. Western Lane by Chetna Maroo
167. Study For Obedience by Sarah Bernstein
168. If I Survive You by Jonathan Escoffery
169. Behind The Mask by Tyson Fury
170. Ganbaru: How All Japan Pro Wrestling Survived The Year 2000 Roster Split by Jonathan Foye
171. Football Biographies For Kids by Robert A. Malone
172. The Best of Matt (2022) by Matt Pritchett
173. Books Of Blood (Volumes 1-III) by Clive Barker
174. A 1980's Childhood by Michael A Johnson
175. The Rise by Ian Rankin
176. Gloves Off by Tyson Fury
177. The Wrestling Observer Complete Collection 1989 by Dave Meltzer
178. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
179. Nightmares and Dreamscapes by Stephen King
180. The Space Between Us by Doug Johnstone
181. Macho Man by Jon Finkel
182. James by Percival Everett
183. Changing Times by Jack Sheffield
184. Fourteen Days edited by Margaret Atwood
185. Insomnia by Stephen King
186. Back to School by Jack Sheffield
187. Inside Out by Ole Anderson

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