Friday, March 15, 2024

1,000 Days Of Wordle

Wordle put up its 1,000th daily puzzle today.

I had a go and I managed to get it in four goes.

The word was ERUPT. You'll be able to see how I worked it out below.

1) I started off with my regular starter word - ADIEU

2) From the starter, I knew there was an E and U, so I thought of a word containing those two letters. I then try to think of something with either S, T or both S and T. I put in FLUTE.

3) I knew the U was the third letter. And there was indeed a T. I was stuck, so wrote in SPORT to find out if S or R were in the word.

4) The SPORT test proved that there was a P in the word. So, knowing I had a E, R and a U (in the third position) and T, it made sense to test out ERUPT. It turned out to be correct.

There is going to be another 1,000th day celebration - for something completely different - next week. More about that, well.. next week.

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