Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Pizza Hut's Mac n' Cheese Pizza

In a post published a week ago, I wrote about trying Pizza Hut's Big New Yorker pizza. I have since tried the company's latest offering.

Pizza Hut Mac 'n' Cheese Pizza

What you see, in the image above, is Pizza Hut's Mac n' Cheese pizza.

It comes with a large stuffed crust base. The toppings contain mac n' cheese, triple cheese and is meant to be 'finished with crispy onions'.

I wrote that the pizza 'is meant to' have crispy onions because I couldn't taste them and didn't get a gritty texture I expected from the onion ingredient. If there was crispy onions on it, I stand corrected. 

Eating this pizza brought back memories of a time when I bought a Mac n' Cheese pizza from Asda. The supermarket one was, as I wrote back in 2017, just 'Okay'. 

This one from Pizza Hut was far superior because the pasta was better albeit without that crunch I was hoping for from the crispy onions.

Even though I didn't dislike the Mac n' Cheese pizza, I cannot envision ever trying another one. There are better pizzas on the menu.

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