Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Wishing For 18.35

I'll be playing close attention to the Cleveland Browns' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in an hour from when this post goes live.

That's because my fantasy football team is currently on 80.50 points and I have two Browns players who I am hoping will score a total of at least 18.35 points.

My opponent for this week has already fielded all of his players and currently sits on 98.84 points.

The players I need to come in for me are tight end - David Njoku - and the team's wide receiver: Elijah Moore.

Week 2 2023

For what it's worth, the NFL Fantasy website is projecting that my team will miss the W because it reckons Njoku will nab 8.90 and Moore will pick up 7.54 thus giving this week's rival the victory by two points.

My team is currently at 0-1. 

David Njoku scored 6.80 points and Elijah Moore had 7.10. The total of 13.90 wasn't enough. My team had a final total of 94.40 to my opponent's 98.84.

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