Friday, July 14, 2023

Prime Day 2023: The Aftermath

I took advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2023 more than I ever have in the past.

First off - I was on the hunt for a carpet washer. In the middle of last month, I found a Vax that I was keen to buy. It was £190, but I opted to wait until July to see if Amazon would have its price reduced for the sale event.

I reminded myself to check on the item a day before Amazon's sale began and I was stunned to see the cleaner had risen to £250.

I ended up having to look around for other cleaners just in case.

Amazon Prime Day 2023

To cut a long story short - I stayed up until midnight and visited the Amazon website as soon as Prime Day started. I immediately checked out the carpet washer I had targeted last month and found that it was in stock at a smashing price of.. £130!

I would be lying if I stated that was the only satisfying purchase this week.

I now own an Amazon Kindle Scribe - something I had been going back-and-forth on since it was first launched late last year. I saved a fair bit of money compared to what I was close to spending on a Scribe in November.

There are no plans to stop using the Paperwhite I've had since 2021. I'm simply going to use both devices. 

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