Sunday, July 09, 2023

Dairy Fudge

A few weeks ago, after my aunt passed away, I published a couple of posts in which I mentioned that I would always be reminded of her whenever I bought bags of dairy fudge from supermarkets.

That's because the first time I had ever tried a bag of fudge like that was when she gave me some on one of my trips around Ireland when I was a child.

I did an Asda shop this week and bought a bag.It was one of the first items I added to my basket.

Asda Dairy Fudge

You can see what the bag looks like above. In the next photograph, you'll notice that they're individually wrapped in see-through plastic paper. 

Even though it wasn't. a bag from Asda (I'm going to stab in the dark and guess she had bought her bag from Tesco) this is the closest example I can share of those sweets.

As I wrote last month, there is no doubt those bags will remind me of my aunt in future. They already did remind me of her - and my visits to Ireland - long before she passed. 

Asda Dairy Fudge

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