Monday, July 10, 2023

The Bard Radio Project: China

When Google Bard chose China, in this edition of The Bard Radio Project, I wondered whether I would enjoy the experience of trying to find radio stations based out of that country.

Don't get me wrong - I didn't walk in thinking I would dislike what I would find. I just didn't know what I would stumble across.

When it was time to tune into stations across China, my Roberts radio found more than enough.

There was a plethora of stations named 'Tick Tock Radio' and they're distinguished by the year. I surmise these stations play music from their respective year. For example, 1966 Tick Tock Radio plays tunes from that particular year.

There appears to be over seventy of those Tick Tock channels because the menu starts with 1950 Tick Tock Radio and it runs on to 2023 Tick Tock Radio.

I opted for a couple of stations other than those branded 'Tick Tock'.

The first one that caught my attention was named 'Chinese Classical Music Radio'. When I tuned in, I was introduced to some stringed music.

I listened to this station for almost an hour. It contained some nice relaxing acoustic music using Asian instruments.

In a way, this station playing old Chinese music reminded me of a Japanese Internet station I used to listen to when I could use the TuneIn Radio app to listen to foreign channels.

Blue Heron Radio closed up shop a couple of years ago. This station I came across seemed to be the Chinese equivalent, if I say so myself.

I didn't want this week's trip to Chinese radio to begin and end with the classics. I had to find a station playing modern music from China.

The best I could find was Fly Radio 98.5.

Fly Radio 98.5

Fly Radio was playing a love song by Chris Yu when I first tuned in. How did I know the artist's name? Shazam of course. Unfortunately, the Shazam named the title in Chinese writing, so I am unable to.. name that tune.

Tracy Huang was the second singer I heard. Just like the first one, I was unable to decipher the song's title. 

Song number three started out like a Nickelback tune. Then the Chinese vocals kicked in. Shazam couldn't work out anything about the song. Ironically, it was the tune I liked the most on the visit to the station.

Chris Yu on Shazam

The second-best bit of music I heard was sang by a female vocalist (Shazam failed me again!). Its background instruments reminded me of a track on a New Japan Pro Wrestling CD I have which has Toru Yano singing.

The last tune I listened to before switching my radio off for the morning was sang in English. Shazam was once again unable to collect the data. I wrote 'this song sounds like something by George Michael or Wham' in my notes.

Turned out it was. 

I made a mental record of some of the lyrics and did a Google search. My notetaking needs some work because I forgot to write down the title. 

I cannot state for sure whether I will ever revisit Fly Radio 98.5 if I were ever compelled to listen to Chinese music again. However, I would likely go for those found on 'Chinese Classical Music Radio' again simply because I found its content relaxing.

* * *

I have a few more weeks left before my radio listening focuses on the US Sports stations ahead of, and during, the NFL Season. The Bard Radio Project will then take a break until next year.

With that said, I still have more countries to listen to before its time to finish the first season of this project.

Next up, I have to listen to stations to a country fairly close to home - France.

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