Monday, June 05, 2023

Introducing The Bard Radio Project

Last Monday, I published a post about purchasing a new Internet radio. It resulted in me coming up with an idea for a series that I will run here on this blog.

What I thought I would do, to make good use out of the radio, is to choose a random country each week (or so) and then report back with my thoughts about the stations I've listened to from that particular part of the world.

Roberts Revival iStream 3L

To help choose the country, I will ask Google's AI interface - Bard - to make each pick.

I'll then listen to a selection of stations from the chosen country and then report back with my observations.

To start off, Bard has suggested I listen to radio from Greece. It has even recommended some stations to seek out.

I'll return with the first proper part of 'The Google Bard Radio Project' next week.

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